Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 5---Distance makes the stomach grow fonder

Five days...really? That's all it's been?!

Last night I was laying in bed thinking of all my favorite foods and was mentally patting myself on the back. It's been like 2 weeks now, you're doing great!

Negative. It's been five days... hardly even 120 hours.

My roommate is taking the new challenge almost as hard as myself. Him and I routinely dine out together and try new places (we're addicted to Yelp) and it's a always a nice change to get out for us.

"What about if I order something but don't eat it all while you're out with me?" he asked with a slight twinge of hope in his voice.

I shook my head.

"Okay what if it's something that you can make at home, like sushi?" he asked again hopeful.

I shook my head.

"What if I pay for you, that way you don't spend your own money out?"

This I had not thought of. He was doing exactly what I was doing---trying to find a loophole in this crazy idea of mine. I kindly explained that my intention was to save money, not transfer my food debt to another helpless foodie and that in the end, he would be paying a tip for me.

Even this seemed to bum him out. He likes the atmosphere of eating out. As do I. The clink-clanking of silverware, the smell of someone else's food when you arrive, the way you are waited on hand and foot for the short duration of your meal...for me eating out is an experience not just an in-and-out food grab.

I've decided that once a week, we will try one new meal.

New recipe of the week: Grilled cajun chicken, with feta and spinach pierogies, and sauteed snap peas.

It's no Jack-In-The-Box but that doesn't sound so bad right?

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